DGSHAPE Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access DGSHAPE Insigths?

The DGSHAPE Insights login portal is available on DGSHAPE.com

Are DGSHAPE Cloud and DGSHAPE Insights the same?

DGSHAPE Cloud is a suite of applications designed to help DGSHAPE users manage their devices. DGSHAPE Insights is one application within DGSHAPE Cloud.

Do I need a DGSHAPE Account to access DGSHAPE Insights?

Yes, you need a DGSHAPE Account to access DGSHAPE Insights. If you do not a DGSHAPE account, you can create one through DGSHAPE.com.

Is DGSHAPE Insights compatible with all DWX milling devices?

DGSHAPE Insights is compatible with the DWX-42-W, DWX-52D, DWX-52Di, DWX-52DC, DWX-52DCi, and DWX-53DC milling devices.

Can I access DGSHAPE Insights on my mobile device?

DGSHAPE Insights is a web-based application. Click here to access the login portal.

How do I connect my milling devices to my DGSHAPE Account

To connect your milling devices to your DGSHAPE Account and view the data in DGSHAPE Insights, log into VPanel software with your DGSHAPE Account credentials.

Do I need to upgrade my CAM software to access DGSHAPE Insights?

DGSHAPE Insights works with or without CAM software compatibility. However, if you would like to track the production of units, applications, and materials an update may be required. For more information, watch the DGSHAPE Insights Webinar.

Is DGSHAPE Insights compatible with all CAM platforms

Currently MillBox and hyperDENT users can have their unit, application, and material data tracked in DGSHAPE Insights.

Is there a fee for accessing DGSHAPE Insights?

DGSHAPE Insights is a free application.

How do I delete my DGSHAPE Account?

You can delete your account by completed the Account Removal request form.