Frequently Asked Questions

Can the burs for the DWX-4W be used in the DWX-42W?

Milling burs (ZGB series tools) can be used with the DWX-42W when milling specific glass type material (like Amber) or when seeking to mill units quickly. To use ZGB tools with the DWX-42W, you will need access to compatible CAM software such as MillBox or HyperDENT.

Can I use tap water to fill the coolant tank?

We recommend using purified or distilled water when filling the coolant tank.

Can I run the DWX-42W without using chelate reagent or coolant additive?

We recommend using the proper ratio of chelate reagent and coolant additive when filling the coolant tank. The chelate reagent keeps milled waste from bonding to the inside of the device. The coolant additive helps keep the tools cool during milling. Milling without adding these compounds will reduce the performance of the device.

When should I replace the filters in the coolant tank?

Filters should be replaced after every 20 hours of use. For users working with a non-standard filter, please consult your reseller or review your filter’s user instructions.

Does the Abutment Kit come with an Attachment?

The Abutment Kit and Abutment Kit Attachments are sold separately.

Does the DWX-42W come with an air compressor?

A dedicated air compression unit is not necessary for the DWX-42W. This device requires minimal compressed air to operate and can be connected to your existing compressor. If you do not currently have access to compressed air, you will need to purchase a compressor.

Is CAM software included with my DWX-42W?

CAM software may be included based on your region. Consult with your DGSHAPE reseller.

Is there a separate set of milling tools for titanium abutment applications?

The Abutment kit offers a specialized set of milling tools for titanium milling. Tools should be placed in the Automatic Tool Changer according to the tool setup profile in your CAM software.

Can I mill multiple units at one time using Trios Design Studio?

Currently, Trios Design Studio allows milling one unit at a time.

Is the DWX-42W compatible with all intra-oral scanning devices and CAD/CAM workflows?

The DWX-42W is compatible with any workflow that exports NC code milling data. Intra-oral scanning device users should verify that their milled output file (CAM file) is compatible.

Will I need to sinter or crystallize dental restorations after milling is completed??

Depending on the material selected, sintering or crystallization may be required after the dental restoration is milled. For material that can be finished by polishing only, crystallization is not necessary.

Can I mill zirconia material with the DWX-42W?

The DWX-42W is compatible with sintered zirconia material (requiring a unique setup), however it is not compatible with general zirconia. DGSHAPE’s DWX-52D, DWX-52DCi, and DWX-4 milling devices are excellent options for general zirconia milling.

What types of materials can I mill with the DWX-42W?

The DWX-42W mills glass ceramic, composite resin, PMMA, titanium, and sintered zirconia materials.