DWX-53DC Dry Mill


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the DWX-53DC incorporate both wet and dry milling?

The DWX-53DC is a dry-only milling device. 

Does the DWX-53DC come with CAD/CAM software?

The DWX-53DC does not include CAM software. However, CAM software may be bundled with the device based on your region. Check with your local reseller for more details. 

What is the maximum speed of the spindle?

The spindle for the DWX-53DC spindle is set to spins at a maximum rate of 30,000 RPM. This setting can be adjusted manually in VPanel to reach a maximum of 45,000 RPM. This manual adjustment of spindle speed should be performed by a qualified CAD/CAM technician. 

Which CAM software can be used with the DWX-53DC?

Any CAM software that exports NC code can be an option. Consult with your local reseller to determine if your preferred CAM software is compatible with the DWX-53DC. 

Can the DWX-53DC mill metal?

The DWX-53DC can mill Chrome Cobalt sinter metal, however it cannot mill. Any other metals. 

Does the DWX-53DC have ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity?

The DWX-53DC offers USB connectivity. You can also connect a Surface Pro Tablet via USB. To enable quick access to setup and operations menus. The tablet also offers Wi-Fi  connectivity to select jobs that have been completed by CAM software and are available for milling through your private network.

What is different about the spindle on the DWX-53DC?

The redesigned spindle has improved ability to grip tools when milling compact materials or deep pockets. In addition, multiple air outlets have been added to aid a new cleaning feature that uses compressed air to help remove milling waste from the milled application and disc adapter. 

What is new about the disc changer on the DWX-53DC?

The reengineered disc changing technology uses a ball-screw system to lower the full rack into the milling chamber, allowing easy disc access.  

Will the material disc adapters for the DWX-52 series devices be compatible with the DWX-53DC and vice versa?

Each device has its own unique material disc adapters, designed to optimize performance for that specific device. Check with your reseller for additional details.

What is the price for the DWX-53DC?

MSRP of the DWX-53DC can range up to 45,000 USD depending on bundled extraction units, tools, software, and other accessories. For more information reach out to your nearest reseller. 

How many adapters does the DWX-53DC hold?

You can load up to six disc adapters at once. 

Has the limit for DWX-53DC compatible disc adapter been increased?

Yes. You can exchange up to 100 adapters with the DWX-53DC.

How does the new 4.0 mm bur help reduce milling time for PMMA material?

Previous DWX milling devices had a maximum bur size of 2.0mm to 3.0mm. The new spindle for the DWX-53DC can strongly grip 4.0mm burs. This larger bur capability significantly decreases the time necessary for roughing PMMA materials.

Is the DWX-53DC faster than the DWX-52DCi?

The DWX-53DC  offers the ability to exchange adapters more rapidly, and, with the addition of the 4.0mm bur, reduces the amount of time necessary to rough materials. These two improvements decrease the total milling time necessary to digitally produce all dental applications. 

What is the difference between a standard adapter and an open edge adapter?

Both standard and open edge adapters can be used for all dental applications, however, the open edge adapter allows the tool to reach undercuts and mill facial anatomy more accurately, producing. The same features as ninety-degree milling for C-type adapters or clamps. The open edge adapter is also waterproof, heat resistant, and pressure resistant, making it the ideal adapter to use with DGSHAPE’s removable denture kits (CA-DK1 or CA-DK2).

What are each of the compartments on the DWX-53DC designed for?

Each compartment has been designed for a specific function. Users place adapters in the top left side of the DWX-53DC. Milling takes place on the bottom left side. Tools are placed in the top right compartment, along with a spindle that users can replace when it reaches or exceeds its proposed lifetime. The bottom right side is the new locations for the one-touch button control, and offers a shelf to hold a Surface Pro tablet and a storage drawer to store accessories and tools.